5 Ways To Be a Great Opportunist

Opportunist!?! What? Shouldn’t someone feel guilty being an opportunist? No way!

What exactly is an opportunist you ask? The Urban Dictionary defines opportunist as “someone who immediately takes advantage of a situation to reap some personal benefits.” I call myself a creative opportunist and often get asked, “is that a good thing?”

Yes! It’s a great thing! And you might want to think about becoming an opportunist, making positive changes, and taking great chances as well. If there’s something you really care about and want to work hard at, being an opportunist will help you succeed better and faster. It can be a difficult endeavor considering you need to be alert and prepared at all times. Here are five important characteristics of a great opportunist.

  1. Be optimistic! Opportunists are optimists! You strive to see the break in the clouds and the blue skies ahead.
  2. You don’t believe in typical standards. You know there’s something more and you are sure of the reasoning and are confident in reaching for your goals and beyond.
  3. Opportunists are resourceful and creative. You create your own situations because you strive to be above the ‘norm.’
  4. You are looking for opportunities constantly. You, as an opportunist, believe knowledge can be gained by even the smallest of means. You know it’s important to stay connected and informed.
  5. Opportunists hate to give up. Rarely do you pass an opportunity to take a challenge or choose to pass the job along.  You see these as moments to learn and grow stronger in whatever the work may be.

And one last tip that’s so important…always be prepared. If you are a writer you must always have pen and paper, or computer, tablet, etc., in tow just in case a whim of inspiration pops up. Are you a photographer? Then you carry your camera, lens, and tripods and are always on the lookout for amazing shots and new incentives. Whatever your passion or project you know what you need to be prepared on a day to day basis. Don’t go out the door without your tools in hand, ready to jump on every opportunity. You never know when you could change your life and/or the world!

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