A Glass Half Full! Staying positive.

We all have upbeat and downbeat days. Maybe we have too much to do on our list, guests are coming in to stay that you’re not one hundred percent excited about. It could be a job you hate, or maybe it’s just the weather that’s been throwing you off lately. There are so many things we deal with day to day that can turn our bright sunny moods into a ‘why can’t I just go back to bed’ kind of day!’

Who doesn’t admire those strong people who simply choose to see the cup half FULL in life!? Here are a few things to implement into your daily routine to perk up the positve vibes you want!

#1. First and most important… Don’t compare yourself to anyone else! Don’t worry what others are doing, focus on yourself and what you’re doing. We won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captured with purpose.–Bob Goff

2. Keep your home and work environment clean and organized. A cluttered environment usually means a scattered mind. When our minds are scattered it’s difficult to remain centered, calm, and positive. Try a little Feng Shui to bring some positivity to your work or home space. Check out my article on Feng Shui for more information.

3. Give thanks. Having gratitude in itself is an amazing quality. It has the power to change relationships, beat adversity, and even improve health. There are many ways to express gratitude. It can be paying for the person’s coffee behind you in the cafe’s drive-thru (my personal fav.) to writing 10 things daily in a gratitude journal. Gratitude helps us see the positivity all around us.

4. Surround yourself with positive people! The saying ‘like begets like’ is all too true. Downer people tend to bring others down while a positive and upbeat person can brighten a whole crowd. Surround yourself with people who believe in you, nurture and encourage you, and are a joy to be around.

5. Keep your thoughts positive! You become what you think, you attract what you feel, and you create what you imagine!

6. Implement a morning routine. Get your day going in a good and positive way, every day. Start your day with a structured, easy, and positive regime. That way your morning goes smoothly without much thought. Even listening to the morning news can be a downer. Try upbeat or calming music, whichever gets you in your positive flow.

7. Eat healthily and get enough sleep. Eating a well-balanced diet and getting the recommended exercise for you keeps your mind and body strong thereby enhancing your positive energy!

8. Set goals. Having goals gives us a sense of motivation and desire to accomplish which pushes us to do more than we normally would. When we accomplish things the feelings are positive.

Find what makes you happy and keep doing it even during bummer times. Taking care of yourself first better equips you to take care of others. And surrounding yourself with positivity helps you take better care of yourself!