Snowday means Yourday, even without snow!

With so much to do, it can be difficult to find time to simply breathe, think, and explore what’s going on in our brain. It would be great to take a 10-day vacation and really dig deep into your innermost thoughts…however that’s not always possible. A one-day timeout, aka Snowday, can do almost as much when you are starting to fade and energy is going out the door. Personal snow days are best taken when you feel like you are running on empty or when you start to wonder if this is the life you were really meant to live. 

Your snow day can go a long way toward dispelling built up stress, provided you give yourself full permission to indulge in nurturing activities. It is not a day to worry about what you’re missing or what is still lingering on your to-do list. Rather, it is a day to give yourself a break from your responsibilities so you can return to them when you are fully alert. Once you have scheduled your snow day, try to commit to ignoring your chores, not calling work or checking your cell, and doing only the activities you enjoy. Relax, take a nap in the afternoon, go for a walk with your dog, do your nails, play with your children, meditate, work in your garden, or read a great book. Enjoy this day anyway and as much as possible.  

If necessary, prepare for your snow day by getting anything you think you will want or need ahead of time. Clean up or pay the bills the day before so you’re not tempted to work. When your snow day is over, don’t lose the peaceful relaxing feeling you had. We push ourselves hard, whether it’s at work or doing something we love. We need to take care of ourselves. You deserve a snow day every now and then, right? Yes!

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