Apps that Motivate!

So, spring is here, the sun is shining longer, temperatures are starting to get warmer! These all send surges motivation through me, how about you?! More to get done, more to start, more ideas fly around in the brain.What do I want to do? Where do I want to go? What project should I do next (I always have a project going!)

Sitting here writing To Do list and goals for the spring, I am saying to my self, this all sounds familiar. These ‘new’ goals I want to get done were actually goals I had set for the new year, three months ago so they really aren’t new! Unfortunately, they’re goals I lost motivation on, and slowly the time spent on each goal decreased from week to week until there was basically no end to the goal in sight.

Have any of you had this issue? I think most of us do from time to time. It wasn’t hard to lose motivation. I set the goal, a little time went by, motivation started to wane then the goal was forgotten.

For me the one main thing that set my goal on a path to non-completion was…letting a little time go by. It’s important to make a goal and immedaitely start working towards it while the excitemtnt is there!

Now, excitement won’t be enough motivation to keep you on your path to the goal. Excitement will ebb occasionally and if you’re like me you need extra motivation. In the past, I’d make vision boards (still do!), bets or agreements with friends that I would complete my goal, or agree with myself that if said goal was completed I’d go by myself something special.

All of those motivation helpers worked pretty great for me. Just recently I heard of ‘motivational apps!’ Why not add them to my mix too, I can always use another catalyst! I am sure the apps have been around for a bit already, but how cool!! I wanted to share a few of my favs with you!

iWish My fav! Just like its name suggests, iWish is an app that lets you organize and manage your daily activities to eliminate the torments and hard feelings that come when we don’t achieve our set goals. Designed with colorful photos and themes, the iWish app allows you to track your bucket list to see whether you’ve accomplished your set goals. In addition to that, this app lets you set daily reminders as well as view motivational quotes to keep you motivated throughout your day. This is a very powerful, fun, colorful app to keep you motivated in achieving your life goals.

Way of life Do you like to see your progress in terms of graphs and pie charts, this is another great app to try.
Recognized as an Ultimate Habit Maker, the Way of Life is an exclusive app that lets you record your successes and failures for the day in the form of graphs and tables. To give you a detailed report of your daily activities, this app uses a green and a red label to track your positive and negative sides of what you’re doing.

Strides: Habit Tracker A must have app if you feel like you are unable to adhere to daily routines.
This habit and life organizing app is handy as it lets you set various personal goals such as; budget, weight, reading, get up early, sleep, save money, and meditate among others. Apart from setting your own goals, this app also submits a daily report of how committed you’ve been in achieving the set goals. A great app for Smartphone users.

Forrest: Stay Focused Can’t put your cell phone down long enough to get anything done? This is a feel-good app to let you see the improvements in your goal ‘grow!’

No matter what, setting goals and sticking to them can be difficult from time to time. Why not use all the great technology we have at the tip of our fingers to help get more done, faster, and more efficiently. Doesn’t it feel great to say, “I did it!!”