authenticity [noun]

1. the quality of being qenuine; real
2. an origin supported by unquestionable evidence; verified
3. one’s true nature or beliefs

Authenticity is rarely found in grand gestures. Not in lighting strikes or fireworks in the sky. It is a deep-rooted, gentle stirring: an invitation to be the only you there was ever meant to be.

It’s the clearing away of all that is not true, peeling back the layers until you discover what was there in the beginning. It’s allowing yourself to be truly known and loved, as well as really knowing and loving somenoe else.

It’s the willingness to stand alone in doing what you believe is right, even when what’s right isn’t a popular choice. authenticity can’t be copied. It can’t be false. It withstands the shifting sands. It resists the comparison. It strives to see who you are rather than who you are not. It’s acknowledging the difference between what is fake and what is real. Because when we are real, shabbiness won’t matter. Lack will disappear. Falling short will lose its foothold.

So your time is now. To welcome in the light that is all your won. To dive deep into the glorious reality of who your are meant to be.

Lets not rest, let’s not hesitate—in finding the one life we were born to claim.