Biophilia and your Health

Turns out we all are! What in the world is biophilia you ask? Well, the word actually means “love of life” and connection with nature. The term suggests that people are naturally attracted to…Nature! Anything natural or nature-based tend to make us happy, relaxed and connected. Granted there are natural disasters but I am writing about the positive sides of nature!

People from Aristotle to the author of Biophilia (1984), Edward O. Wilson, have studied and wrote about the subject. In the present day, it is being looked at across the globe. Multiple studies show the benefits of biophilia art, objects, and design in the process of healing such illnesses as depression and cancer.

The benefits of exposure to nature or objects connected to nature like water fountains, flowers, and houseplants also have great benefits. Research shows patients heal faster when nature type things are surrounding them. Research also showed 40 minutes of watching nature videos a day positively changed the behaviors of maximum security prisoners.

If all this is true and we are all deeply connected to nature and its positive benefits why not add a little more biophilia into your life? Whether it’s getting out into nature more like hiking, rafting and riding a bike, or simply adding a house plant, a water fountain, or photos of nature to you living space. Give it a go, it’s an easy, simple, and healthy way to boost your mood!

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