Benefits of a cold shower!

I’ve been hearing all the benefits of cryotherapy and cold showers lately. It’s not a new theory, cold shower and cold bath therapy, also known as hydrotherapy, have been used for centuries.
Hydrotherapy is an ancient practice. Hippocrates recommended bathing in cold spring water to ‘allay lassitude’ and the ancient Egyptians turned it into an art form with essential oils and flowers.  More recently Katheryn Hepburn touted the many benefits of daily cold showers to all who knew her. And the fictional character James Bond ended all of his showers with a few minutes of ice cold water. He was a Scottish character and the cold showers are also referred to as ‘Scottish showers” hence it’s part in the James Bond movies.

Even though I have just recently been hearing all the benefits of cold showers, I have taken them daily now for 3yrs, 4 months…yes I remember the exact date for some reason=D During the time I’d heard of cryotherapy and tried it to see if the benefits would be like a cold shower on steroids! After the cryo session I was a little disappointed because the benefits were the same if not a little better in a simple cold shower. Plus it’s a lot cheaper!

Let me first tell you the benefits of a cold shower and then I will tell you my cold shower ‘method!’


  • Increased energy and alertness
  • Improves mood. Studies show exposure to cold water increase glutathione which relieves stress.
  • Healthier skin and hair! Cold temperature water seals the hair shaft and closes skin pours to keep healthy oils in and dirt out.
  • Relieves muscle soreness.
  • Helps male fertility. Tell your guy to go take a cold shower! Then get to it, if you want to concieve!
  • You feel immediately better, like you can conquer anything due to release of endorphins just like bungy jumping or extreme sports.

The list goes on I am sure but for now let me tell you how I go about taking this system shocking shower.

First I take a nice long, steamy, hot shower. It feels so great on cold mornings! Then at the end of my hot shower I step back, turn the knob to cold, and wait a few seconds to let the cold water come through. Once it does, I gather my courage and step straight into the freezing waterfall. I look up into the water, count to 5 slowly then turn around and let the water flow down by back, again counting to 5. I lift my hair up to get my neck with the icy cold water and count to five. Finally I turn back around and finish with five more seconds of ice cold bliss.

Taking an ice cold shower is not easy but the benefits out weight the difficulty. And I promise you the practice gets easier over time. I don’t even miss days that are ice cold out side or days when I am feeling under the weather since it seems to cure colds and fevers faster.

Let me know if you have ever tried cold showers and your experiences in the comment area below!

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