Understanding our energy centers

What??? Well, let me explain a bit. We all know the entire natural world and beyond into the universe is constantly moving energy. We often hear the term chakra, or energy center, when talking about spiritual and natural therapies. The Sanskrit word was first recognized in the ancient Vedas, a definitive Hindu text written before 800 BCE. It delivered a unique view about the energy moving within every living human, animal, and object of nature. These seven chakras are the energy centers spinning inside of us constantly. There are 7 centers of energy spinning in our bodies. Let me give you a brief introduction to each chakra…

Root Chakra  (Muladhara) Located at the base of our spine. Its color is red and is associated with the element Earth. It handles the parts of us related to security, comfort, movement, survival, grounding, travel physical abilities, and sexuality. For a quick “pick me up” for the root chakra try gardening, walking, standing on the earth barefooted (a technique called grounding which I will explain in a future post), or any way you enjoy connecting with nature.

Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana) The sacral chakra is where your desire for pleasure resides. Its color is orange and is located in your pelvic area. It brings creativity, emotions, empathy, sensuality, and feelings to give us the pleasure we desire. To activate this chakra it’s important to explore your sensuality and enjoy as pleasure.

Solar plexus Chakra (Manipura)  This chakra radiates from our solar plexus, its color is yellow, and is where our self-expression, self will, and how we assert ourselves emanate. It gives us vitality, balances us, increases our willpower, and is associated with digestion as well. To trigger this chakra enjoy the smells of rosemary, bergamot, and chamomile. Drink chamomile tea and/or soak in a warm bath to wash away tensions.

Heart Chakra (Anahata) Although the most related color to this chakra is green, it is also associated with gold and pink! It corresponds to relationships and love, healing, joy, oxygen our bodies need, our spirit, and compassion. To help this chakra to be more vibrant and healthy do things for yourself that truly make you happy. Have beautiful flowers around and maybe candles to remind yourself to love the moment. Meditating is great for all chakras but incredible for healing the heart chakra. Also establishing personal boundaries without losing your empathy or loving kindness. Remember this is your life, love yourself the most so you can then love others.

Throat Chakra (Visuddha) This amazing blue chakra is intamately connected to our truth, communication, our responsibility, expression and clarity. To clear this chakra and bring it to life try chanting hum or as normally spelled om. Say it like ‘hhhhhhuuuuuuummmmmm’ to get the maximum benifit from this acient practice. Breathly slowly and deeply all the down into your stomach at least five times, as many times through out the day as you can. Eat more blueberries or blackberries. Try journaling your feeling and thoughts, this techniques helps us to find our truth and if we make it a daily practice the results can be amazing.

Third Eye Chakra (Ajna) Indigo is the color of this chakra just above and between your eyes. It is associated with our insight, vision, intuition, foresight, and clairvoyance. Anxiety, low self-esteem, and compulsive behaviors show up when this chakra is out of balance so to get this chakra moving in the right direction it’s important to open your mind to new things and new ideas. Try self-reflection to see where you can be more open. Try new things that boost self-confidence and meditate daily to help relieve anxiety.

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) This final violet colored chakra is located just above your head as if it were an actual crown. It surrenders us to our purpose and destiny, gives us the ability of prophecy and connection, and enlivens our spirit. When in balance we have a strong relationship between our bodies, mind, and spirit. Meditation can’t be overstated for enlivening this chakra. Living in the now and not letting obsessive thought take over precious moments of your life. Questioning things in life that do not resonate with you can make sure you figure out was does. And one other great way to heal your crown chakra is to take up Thi Chi, yoga, or other similar practices.

Although it may be hard to start healing and enlivening each of these chakras today, gradually introducing bits and pieces will reap great rewards in our lives and in our future prosperity of health, life, love, and spirit.

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