Here we go…

Hi Gals! Starting a blog was not easy for me. I had some fun ideas and went back and forth about how to start ‘putting it all out there.’ Then, one day it all came together and I knew what I needed to do! Write a great, informative, fun, and uplifting blog for all amazing, becoming, trying, surviving, growing, thriving women who are just reaching middle age or well on their wonderful journey. We’ve come far and deserve even more.

The older women get, the more beautiful they get. We become ourselves which is something you can’t teach anyone at eighteen. –Jennifer Garner

My name is Jackie. I’m 51, was born and live in Aspen, Co. Enjoying a life I never really planned on, but am blessed to have! I love keeping up with the latest on health, psychology, news and nutrition, charities, arts, and events, both local and global, pertaining to all women.

Part of me feels like I’ve lived a long life and most of me feels like I am just getting started! I’m looking forward to sharing our the future as it comes.

I’ve always been told by people around me ‘assume nothing and judge no one!’ I think we all eventually learn that to judge others and assume ‘what should’ be right, is only a reflection of old fears and insecurities. As we’ve entered middle age these fears and insecurities fade away. It’s finally time to focus simply on yourself as the worries of what others think, fall to the wayside, children grow up and start to move on, it’s time to focus on us…beautiful, thriving, 50+ women! Ok…here we go!

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