Memory Loss or Loss of Mental Focus Lately?

Loss of memory or mental focus can be a bit worrisome.

Memory loss is not always as worrisome as it feels. When you can’t even remember the movie you saw last weekend the worry meter goes up. Memory loss can come from things as simple as aging, stress, lack of exercise, too much on our plate or lack of sleep.

Here’s a couple things you can try before seeking a professional.

  • B12 Lack of B12 leads to mental fog and memory loss. A suggestion of 1,000mcg. of B12 daily can reverse memory loss in as little as six weeks says Susan Schench, author of Beyond Broccoli. Another perk, B12 helps build strong bones, cutting your risk of osteoporosis 25%.
  • Bananas Rich in magnesium, bananas are cheap and sweet and just happen to improve memory. The magnesium helps you sleep better, lowers your blood pressure, and helps with tummy issues.

Memory lose not so much as issue, but mental focus driving you crazy? There are a few things you can do before locking yourself in a sound proof box in teh iddle of a buddhist monestary for a year. How about one of these?

  • Earplugs Obvious enough right? But we forget how easy this solution is. Or noise-canceling headphones. The non-stop noises like traffic flying by outside or someone constantly typing at their computer tires the part of our brain that helps you think clearly and remember things too!
  • Salacia Taking 500mg of Salacia, an Ayurvedic herb, daily could improve your focus and concentration within 10 days according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Salacia helps the brain absorb 27% more of the energizing glucose it needs from every meal.
  • Short walks Taking a breather from your task at hand increases oxygen to your brain and helps concentration and your ability to handle stress up to 30% more.
  • Lemons The smell of a freshly cut lemon can give you an instant lift. The fresh, pungent aroma stimulates the release of energizing Beta brain waves, reviving focus, concentration, and memory in as little as 30 seconds SU researchers purport.
  • Apigenin This is a substance in parsley, thyme, and red pepper, improves the formation of new brain cells and strengthens the connection between them to improve concentration.
  • Berries Berries are rich in flavonoids, nutrients that boost the flow of nutrient-rich blood to brain cells. Eating at least 1 cup of red, blue, or purple colored berries daily, can make you feel more clear headed then you did a few years ago!

And as a last note…Meditation definitely helps memory and mental focus by calming your bain down.