My favorite time saver!

Focus on the task at hand! Sounds easy right? Well, it may to you but it is not an easy thing for me. I have one of those minds that thinks it can multi-task like the best of them!! I am a master juggler of chores and no assignments to large!!! I wish!

Reality is…I think I am going to get multiple things done and while doing one chore I realize I didn’t finish the last or I forgot to do it all together.

Trying to getting everything done at once or even in a single day is more often than not impossible and always energy draining.

There are so many books, blogs, websites that have great suggestions to help you get things done smoothly and more efficiently so I am not here to make a to-do list of how to breeze through your to-do list.

I do want to pass along, however, my favorite tip I received a year ago. The tip is: Handle things only once! Whether it is opening the mail, deadheading the flowers, or writing a term paper…once you pick it up, finish it. When you open the mail pay the bills, reply as necessary and throw away junk. Cleaning up your flower garden? Once you start, finish it. You don’t want only half of your flowers perking up. Writing a term paper? Write a whole rough draft if you are not ready for the final copy.

When you start these, and all, tasks and finish them immediately there is no reason for you to dwell on when you will do it, which causes angst and drains energy.

Just do it as they say in sports! Pick it up and don’t put it down until you are finished with it! Oh, and have a great day!!!