What I learned in my 40’s

And it took me until I was 51 to get off my butt and do them! Slow learner here….

  1. I learned to be grateful for everything, the good and the bad. It makes me awesome!
  2. I learned a great life is the best revenge.
  3. I learned that walking away to protect myself is the best and hardest thing to do in difficult moments.
  4. I learned to be grateful for the peace I have now
  5. I learned that there are many people in this beautiful world who love me for exactly who I am.
  6. I learned the only opinion about me that matters is Mine!
  7. I learned true family bonds comes from love, support, respect, and trust. Remember friends are family as well.
  8. I learned to spot those playing the victim. I no longer need to ‘save’ them.
  9. I learned people remember the bad easier than the good. It takes 100 loving remarks, hugs, respect to replace a single painful remark or action. BE GENTLE WITH YOUR WORDS & ACTIONS.
  10. And finally, I learned to let go of everything I don’t like or doesn’t work for me. Its good for all involved.